(COVID-19) Temporary School Closing

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Dear Students and Families of Taekwondo Generations,


As we mentioned in class over the past few weeks, we have been taking additional measures to provide an even cleaner, more sterile facility for everyone’s safety.  We have also been monitoring any and all pertinent information related with the coronavirus (COVID-19) to stay informed.     


With that said, we have come to a decision to join the efforts of our community to reduce the spread of the coronavirus by temporarily closing our school this upcoming week (Saturday, March 14th through Saturday, March 21st), with the possibility of closing longer as more information is made available. We will also place a HOLD on all tuition payments until we re-open.


In the meantime, please make use of the curriculum videos on our mobile app to practice on your own. As for us, we will be working on our own updates and projects to make your experience with Taekwondo Generations even better when you return to your training. We also plan on connecting with you via phone during this temporary closing, which will be a great opportunity to check in with you about your progress and your overall experience with us.


We appreciate every single member of our Taekwondo family and your continued support has allowed us to do what we love to do. Stay healthy by washing your hands frequently, staying away from large public gatherings AND by practicing Taekwondo at home on your own! Practicing, exercising, and eating properly are all ways to build up your immune system, which is ultimately one of the most important things we can all be focusing on. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us at (404) 314-3462.



Master and Mrs. Chong

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